Industry Standard Sound

Through hands on experience and technical training, I also offer Live Sound Engineering. 

Comfortable in all stages of; consultation, installation, operation and event management. My previous clients list covers; Live Music Venues, Theatre Productions, Function Artists and Music Festivals. 

Previous events and venues:
Download Festival 2016 (Manual/Rigging)
Glastonbudget 2015 (Engineering & Rigging)

Infrared Arts, Brewdog, The Sumo, Duffys Bar, The Music Cafe


Unlike most modern engineers, I can actually track acoustic drums.

Specialising in Metal/Rock/Punk production, I can track up to 24 tracks at a time in my purpose built home studio. Working from Logic X with microphones by Shure, Audix and Sennheiser. 


Ask me about availability


One Day Rate

A single days rate. A good performing 4/5 peice band could track one high quality 3/4 minute song in this time. A basic mix would be provided under the day rate.

For Live events, use this rate with considerations for equipment hire and Travel.


5 Days Rate

5 Days recording bundle to cover a 4/5 peice band record a multitrack EP. 
All recordings will be returned to a basic mix level.

For live events, use this rate with considerations for accommodation, travel and equipment hire.


One hour Recording/Mixing Time

Use this to budget this to your recording projects for overdubs and extra mixing time.

For events, use this rate to budget with considerations for travel and equipment hire.



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